Yogurt Kale Eye Concentrate

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Avoid modern injections with an old-school revolution. This eye cream is inspired by yogurt’s long-used brightening powers plus a boost of super food greens to effectively assist in diminishing fine lines. Proven ingredient Argireline makes this a must-have in your eye arsenal. Feel revived with a flawless finish.


• Deep Wrinkles

• Mature

• Dark Circles

• Lax Skin


• Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

• Relaxes crow’s feet

• Hydrates sensitive eye area

• Diminishes dark circles


• Kale - this super green naturally detoxifies, & it’s packed with omegas to boost skin’s hydration & combat sun damage.

• Algae -see a difference with tightening, firming, smoothed fine lines & increased formation of collagen.

• Eyeliss Peptide® - increases lymphatic circulation, while decreasing inflammation to improve firmness & elasticity for that bright- eyed look.

• Syn-ake Peptide® - a peptide used for collagen renewal that mimics retinol without the same risk of irritation.

• Argireline - a wrinkle-reducer that inhibits the formation of new lines & has a relaxing effect on facial muscles.

• Neodermyl® - a needle-free alternative to fillers; this ingredient plumps for a firmer, more supple appearance. In just two weeks, deep wrinkles dissipate. A copper-based complex accelerates wound healing & cell regeneration, while stimulating collagen & elastin.

• Haloxyl® - dark circles & local inflammation are banished, reducing under-eye circles by 19%.

• Apple Stem Cells - apple stem cells preserve skin’s existing youthful vibrancy.

• Bioflavinoids - found in the peels of citrus fruits, these boast antioxidant properties that enrich, nourish & moisturize the skin while neutralizing free-radicals.

• Glow Tonic - our signature blend of aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamins & antioxidants helps fight free radicals with radiance & brightens skin.


• Massage a pea-sized amount on upper & lower eyelids morning & evening—or any time eyes need a lift.

• Use Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel in the morning & Yogurt Kale Concentrate in the evening to treat all eye area concerns