Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

$12 $18

We have created a sunscreen for every day use, filled with natural ingredients, that will protect your skin from the sun and doubles as a moisturizing lotion.

Although melanin protects against a % of UV rays, Black people are still susceptible to sun damage such as sunburn, melanoma, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and premature aging.

Black Girl Sunscreen was designed to start the conversation around sun safety and education. BGS took the #1 reason Black women weren’t wearing sunscreen and solved it in a way that connected with them specifically.

Our community matters and when it comes to melanoma, Black people have a lower survival rate due to late diagnosis compared to other races. Decreasing the risk of melanoma is just as important as decreasing the number of people that die from it, wearing sunscreen is essential.

BGS has you looking good and feeling good by leaving no white cast through incorporating moisturizing ingredients that also protect your skin.

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