Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel

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Fight back against puffy eyes and dark circles with cooling cucumber and soothing aloe. A touch of lightening extracts and peptides brighten and hydrate the eye area, making this a smart, spa-like experience.


• Dry/Dehydrated

• Dark Circles

• Puffiness

• Sensitive


• Leaves eye area appearing radiant & revitalized

• Adds instant hydration

• Relieves the appearance of puffiness & dark circles

• Smooths & diminishes fine lines


• Aloe - known as the “plant of immortality” it soothes, heals & hydrates skin & contains anti-inflammatory properties.

• Cucumber - cucumber rejuvenates, firms & soothes the skin with essential nutrients while banishing puffiness.

• Eyeliss Peptide - increases lymphatic circulation, while decreasing inflammation to improve firmness & elasticity for that bright-eyed look.

• Haloxyl - dark circles & local inflammation are banished, reducing under-eye circles by 19%.

• Hyaluronic Acid - intense hydration plumps skin cells by binding water to the skin. Minimized appearance of fine lines & wrinkles thanks to smoothed & plumped skin.


• Massage a pea-sized amount on upper & lower eyelids morning & evening—or any time eyes need a lift.

• Our eye product of choice for clients who currently have eyelash extensions.